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"In order to exploit the outstanding potential of extremophilic microorganisms, Swissaustral has developed a comprehensive technological platform, known as Extremophilic Bioprospection and Development platform (EBD platform)."

Swissaustral expertise stands on many years of experience working with extreme microorganisms. Our EBD platform was specially designed to comprise all the necessary technologies to develop extremophilic High-Performance EnzymesTM and ultra-stable biomolecules.

All technologies and know-how in this platform are adapted to the specific operational conditions required to work with extremophilic microorganisms, to ensure the best possible results when developing enzymes or other biomolecules.

Our technology brings the seemingly unattainable world of extremophiles to the market by developing ready to use high performance products and customized R+D services.

One of the cornerstones of our EBD platform is our proprietary extremophilic collection. Bio-prospection of extreme environments by our scientists for over 15 years has yield one of the largest and more diverse collections of novel and unique extremophiles in the world.

Every type of extremophilic groups can be found in this collection, such as, (hyper)thermophiles, psychrophiles, halophiles, acidophiles, and mixed combinations (poly-extremophiles).

With more than 50 new microorganisms added every year, our collection is permanently growing in size and diversity to provide the industry with the most complete source of new extreme bio-compounds.

Our experienced team routinely screens the isolates for the qualitative presence of different enzymatic activities or other bio-compounds of interest.

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