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Our MISSION is to support our customers in their needs, cooperatively and confidentially, by developing distinctive and innovative solutions for industrial applications, providing novel technologies derived from extremophiles to improve and optimize bioprocesses, to enhance productivity and to open new markets.
Swissaustral is ethically committed to the development of sustainable, environmentally friendly industrial processes.

Through our High-performance Enzymes™ and customized R+D Services we provide state of the art solutions that serve a wide range of industries including fine chemicals, food & feed producing, consumer goods, pharmaceutical, pulp & paper, textile, cosmetics and the personal & home care industry.

Swissaustral provides specialized solutions to partners and customers that need to maintain their competitive edge or enter new markets through the integration of biocatalytic steps in their existing production processes.

We excel in the development of highly stable Extreme-enzymes, active in a broad range of temperature, pH and salt concentrations, needed to create sustainable cost-efficient processes.

Our functional+genomic approach for High-performance Enzymes™ development provides proven enzymatic activity under the required conditions, as tangible results at the initial step of a service project. Moreover, our step-wise R+D Services provides a flexible and shared risk offer for our customers.

In Swissaustral, we believe that Extreme Biotechnology has the potential to modify present industrial processes towards a more environmentally friendly, cost effective and sustainable system.

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