Violacein is a deep violet pigment (secondary metabolite) not water-soluble and it is produced by Iodobacter sp.

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Violacein is a natural purple pigment found in microorganisms living in unique environments, from the tropic to glaciers. It acts as a natural defense system and present antitumor, antibacterial, antiulcerogenic, antileishmanial, and antiviral activities.

Our violacein is coming from a non-pathogenic, psychrotolerant microorganism, a non-GMO product that preserves all the power of nature while having a competitive price.

This novel violacein has a high purity and is stable for over two years at temperatures between 2 and 8 °C.

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 Origin  Psychrotolerant Bacteria
 Producing microorganism  Iodobacter sp.
 Form  Powder (lyophilized), deep violet.
 Storage conditions  2-8 °C, avoid light exposure
 Storage Stability Under stated storage conditions, violacein is stable for two years.
 Total Purity Violacein and deoxyviolacein >95%
Violacein ≥80%
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Violacein is a deep violet pigment, is a secondary metabolite, not water-soluble and it is produced by some extremophilic bacteria. L- tryptophan is the precursor of violacein biosynthesis, belonging to the indole derivatives. The reaction is composed of two oxidations and one condensation of tryptophan molecule. This biocompounds exhibits important antitumoral, antimicrobial and antiparasitic properties.

CAS Number: 548-54-9, Molecular formula: C20H13N3O3Molecular weight: 343.34 g/mol
Additional information: It has a maximum absorption at 585 nm, confirmed by TLC (A) and HPLC (B)

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The product specified in this document is For Research Purposes Only. It has not been tested for Human or Animal Consumption and is therefore Not for Human or Animal Consumption.


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The product specified in this document is for research purposes only. It has not been tested for Human or Animal Consumption and is therefore Not for Human or Animal Consumption.  It must be handled in Laboratory Conditions by experienced Personnel instructed in Laboratory Safety Practices.

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