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Extremophiles are found in the most extreme places of the world, such as ancient ice, volcanoes, deserts, salt lakes and geysers. They have developed mechanisms and novel metabolic tools (i.e. enzymes) to survive under harsh conditions of temperature, pH, radiation and salt concentration, among others.

Their unexplored metabolic pathways are a unique and diverse natural source of new High-performance EnzymesTM and other bio-actives for different applications.

For over fifteen years, Swissaustral's scientists have created one of the largest and more diverse collection of novel and unique microorganisms from different natural and anthropogenic extreme environments.

extremophile ranges

Proprietary Biobank

Swissaustral possess a large bio-bank of extreme microorganisms, which represent the innovation core of our company. With over 300 isolated extremophiles, our collection holds an unparalleled diversity based on unique microorganisms, many of which are not described in public databases. In addition, numerous expeditions and the tireless efforts of our microbiologists, allow us to keep this collection constantly growing.

Swissaustral's Bio-bank represents an excellent source of novel and high-quality bio-compounds of biotechnological interest!

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