Different sources, different outcomes.

High-performance EnzymesTM derived from extremophilic microorganisms, share the same properties present in most enzymes, but, in addition they possess a new level of features, which make them remarkably valuable for applications in research and industry.

Their high-performance enzymes are:

  • Effective: optimal activity under extreme conditions of temperature, pH and salt concentration among others.
  • Reliable: high activity in a wide range of different temperatures, pH and salinity, among others.
  • Resistant: high resistance to proteolysis and organic solvents. Stable for long-term storage, even at room temperature.

To develop a non-standard enzyme, having the right starting point is crucial for the success of the project. Extremophiles provide these enzymatic starting-points and Swissaustral development platform transform them into customized industrial enzymes.


We have structured our diverse proprietary collection into extremophilic microorganism toolkits, for the efficient and customized development of new High-performance EnzymesTM

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