Swissaustral is a consortium of research-driven companies focused in discovery, development and scale-up of industrial enzymes derived from extremophilic microorganisms.

The Swissaustral Group is focused on the commercialization of highly customized industrial biotech R&D services. In addition, Swissaustral possess its own portfolio of commercial enzymes derived from extremophilic microorganisms (High-performance enzymes™) for applications in research and industry, and an ongoing internal pipeline for the development of novel biocatalytic solutions.


Swissaustral is an internationally operating biotech group with presence in three regions around the globe (Europe, North America, and South America).

Swissaustral USA LLC: Founded in 2012, located in Athens, Georgia, USA. Swissaustral USA LLC is attending the North American market.

Swissaustral Biotech SA:  Founded in 2009, located in Monthey, Valais, Switzerland. Swissaustral Biotech S.A is concentrating its activities on the European market.

Swissaustral Chile Ltda: Founded in 2006, located in Santiago, Chile. Swissaustral Chile Ltda. is focused on the Latin American market.


Swissaustral Chile Ltda.


Swissaustral Biotech SA

United states

Swissaustral USA LLC

This decentralized operation, includes the possibility of choosing outsourcing production in Chile, Switzerland or USA, allowing us to respond with more flexibility to the foreseeable global economic and financial challenges. The integration of these entities has been conceived from the beginning, as a globalized operation with a dynamic that already shows clear benefits.

Strategic Partner

Fundación Biociencia: Private non-profitable research institution founded in 2001, located in Santiago, Chile. 
Our services are carried out with our associated partner Fundación Biociencia, a Research Institute in Chile, exclusively dedicated to extremophilic research and development.

Fundación Biociencia is focused on basic and applied research in extremophilic microorganisms (extremophiles), their biocompounds and applications.

Swissaustral (Biotech, USA and Chile) holds an exclusive license for commercialization and further downstream development of the discoveries and developments from Fundación Biociencia.

fundación biociencia

Swissaustral USA LLC and Swissaustral Chile Ltda.
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