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Unique know-how in working with extremophiles with a highly specialized and targeted combined functional + genomic approach.

Research service-contracts according to our clients: our customized stepwise approach allows cost effective projects with controlled risk on every phase.

service model

Functional Discovery

Our functional approach ensures to "hunt down" the right microorganism, enzyme or biocompounds for your specific application. We screen extremophilic cultures directly for the desired activity of the enzyme of interest, under customized conditions. This approach reduces the risk of finding inactive enzymes, providing tangible results since the discovery phase. To know more, please follow Enzyme Discovery.

Extreme Development

The functional approach is complemented with the use of genetic and genomic tools to identify the specific gene encoding the enzyme or biocompounds of interest. Our core knowledge in microbiology, biochemistry and enzymology creates unrivaled competences for the identification and development of unprecedented, novel enzymes and biocompounds. For further information, follow Enzyme Development.

Optimization and Scale-up

In this stage, we optimize and scale up the production of the enzyme of interest and we offer downstream processing to give you an enzyme ready to be applied to your particular processes. For further information, follow Process Development.

High-performance EnzymesTM

Our clients can chose the final product of our service offer, by acquiring the exclusive (or non-exclusive) right over a targeted gene sequence, recombinant expression microorganism or custom purified enzyme. For some examples of our internal product pipeline, please follow Products.

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