Olivier Rickmers. President and Chief Executive Officer

Olivier Rickmers is the founder of Swissaustral. He has been a member of Swissaustral’s board of directors since 2006 and has served as its President as well as Chief Executive Officer from 2006 until the present. After his degree as Mechanical Engineer, Mr. Rickmers specialized in computerized process control automation and real-time computer systems. Throughout his career he has gained extensive experience in marketing of high tech products and services, along with a longstanding experience in entrepreneurship and business creation in the IT domain. 


Jenny Blamey. Scientific Director

Dr. Blamey is the founder of Swissaustral as well as Chief Scientific Officer (CSO). She has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Georgia, USA, with specialization in enzyme development from extremophiles. Jenny has extensive experience in large-scale cultivation and growth of extremophiles and “extreme-enzymes” discovery and development. She also has an extensive experience in management of applied research at different industry positions. She has been member of the National Commission for Biotechnology, Chile, and evaluator for the NSF, USA.  

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